This perfect spot is home to a vibrant art scene, gay population, and many intriguing shops and boutiques. Chelsea is an art lovers paradise with the David Zwirner Gallery on West 19th Street and the Robert Miller Gallery on West 26th Street. That’s just the beginning of what the art word has to showcase here. The Chelsea Market has a funky cool industrial design where you can pick up all sorts of foods and other interesting treats.

   The High Line is also a popular destination because it’s basically a long walking park complete with art installation and other oddities to look at while you stroll through the area. For active people Chelae Pier is where you want to go to be able to rock climb, ice skate, bowl, or play indoor golf. There is also a spa, film studio, and a brewery to name a few things. it’s just a generally cool place to hang out if you want to experience all that Chelsea has to offer.

    The Meatpacking District is also part of this area which used to hold over 180 slaughterhouses, which now have been mostly converted into shops and residential places. Around 39,000 people call this area home which runs from West 19th to West 23rd Streets along Eighth and Tenth Avenues.