This famous Upper East Side enclave is around the 86th to 96th street, borders 5th  and 3rd Avenue on the north side and bumps up against what used to be considered Spanish Harlem. Andrew Carnegie the wealthy industrialist built a mansion there is 1901 which is why the area is named after him. Today it houses a gorgeous museum called the Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum which is funded by the Smithsonian Institute.

     Another famous museum that tourist flock to is the Guggenheim, which was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, opening in 1959. It’s  must see if you have never been inside this famed institution before.

    There is a wide variety of housing options there including larger apartment building, condos, sprawling mansions, brownstones, and exquisite townhomes that cater to the upper class of the area. A studio condominium will run you about a half a million dollars so that kind of tells you who can afford to live there.  Quite charming cafes and french themed bistros line the city streets on this idyllic bit of Manhattan, so that residents can stop for a cup of espresso and scone on their way to work.