This is the neighborhood where Elaine’s character on the famous television show “Seinfeld” lived, but it’s well known for many other reasons. The location is that It’s north of Columbus Circle and runs for 51 blocks up until you get to Frederick Douglass Circle. Noted for many things including where Tavern On The Green is located, a restaurant that is more of an institution than just a place to eat in the city. You can also see the building where part of the film “Ghostbusters” took place at 55 Central Park West. Sadly this is also where John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s home, The Dakota is located where John Lennon was gunned down by an obsessive fan. Across the street from his building is the International Garden of Peach which is sometimes called “Strawberry Fields” after the popular Beatles song. Many visitors go there to reflect on John’s life and impact.

     The Fashion Institute of Technology resides there for fashionista students to attend, among Madison Square Garden (home of the basketball team the New York Nicks), and Penn Station where over half a million people commute to the city each day.  It’s a bustling place of activity that occupies the lives of the almost 58,000 people who live there.