Made popular by man movies over the years this area of New York was heavily settled by the asian people back in the 1880’s. Still today over 400,000 chinese people reside here so you can be sure that the restaurants are quite authentic. It covers 40 city blocks that are home to at least 200 plus restaurants to satisfy your craving for moo shu pork and egg foo young. Or chicken feet, an asian delicacy if you dare.

   There are also plenty of herbalists, acupuncturists, and other salon type places that cater to the alternative medicine crowd. If religious pursuits is more your cup of tea you can visit a Buddhist temple to find out how the monk are so very “zen.”

   Canal Street is the main road that runs through Chinatown so you can feast your way down the street while also buying knockoff designer items like sunglasses and handbags. Don’t be afraid to go off the main road to discover all kinds of interesting treasures especially ones that you won’t’ see on the main roads throughout Manhattan. Anxious to try Durian fruit? That exceptionally smelly asian fruit that many consider a delicacy. You can find it here. Just watch out for all the tourists as they flock to this part of the city daily.