A gorgeous city park is the main attraction to living in the area known as Gramercy Park. It’s a private park though, one of only two in the city that is available only to the residents of this posh neighborhood. The Gramercy Park District was created in 1961 as part of a historical city planning, and restructuring. There are many gorgeous building here that epitomize the Victorian Gothic charm of the area. The Players Club, and the National Arts Club are on either side of this famous park. The Gramercy Park Hotel is also a popular hot spot created by Ian Schrager located on Lexington Avenue if you stop there for lunch you just might bump into a noted celebrity who is also taking a bite to eat at the italian trattoria there called Maialino one of celebrated chef’s Danny Meyers restaurants.

    Gramercy Park is divided into a north, south, east and west quadrants with it’s starting point being E 20th St. and ends at 14th St. and Lexington. There are 39 surrounding residential building that have access to the private park. You must have a key to get in which you don’t want to lose since it will cost you a pretty penny to replace. It’s around $1000 the first lost key, and goes up to $2000 if you lose it again. So residents are careful with their keys. It’s not a problem for the person that owns the largest private residence, a 32 room mansion that is estimated to cost around 7 million dollars when it was sold in 1993. Obviously today it’s worth more than that. There are around 17,000 people that make this area their home including some famous residents like fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld, actress Uma Thurman, and political daughter Chelsea Clinton.