The west side of lower Manhattan is home to the “Village” as most people call it. It’s long been a hugely popular living space, and tourist spot for it’s interesting shops, galleries, restaurants, and all things unique. Starting in the 60’s it was the home for the beatnik, counterculture community since so many free thinking artist live there. Today it’s ground one for the LGBT community with it’s open, accepting vibe.

    Almost 23,000 people call this part of the city home with it’s mid-rise, one story walk ups, and townhomes. The Meatpacking District is also part of this area with its cobblestone streets, and old factories that processed well, meat of course. Washington Square Park is at the center of the neighborhood with its many trees it feels less like the city, and more like a rural country area. New York University borders the park so many students can be seen walking through to get to various classes everyday.

    Young Hollywood also has decided to call this neighborhood homes. Such stars like Andrew Garfield, Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Stone, and Leonardo DiCaprio all own homes in this area. The sitcom “Friends” was famously set in the Village with the coffee shop that they all hung out in on Houston Street down a bit from the real Anglika Movie Theater that is still there.