This northern part of Manhattan also boasts the sub-part of Sugar Hill which is home to around 25,000 people today. Alexander Hamilton used to live there a long time ago in 1802 when it was predominantly farmland so the area takes its name from him. His home Hamilton Grange has been made into a tourist museum here.

     The Dance Theatre of Harlem makes its home here as well as some other higher education schools like The City College Of New York.

    Back in the 1920’s and 30’s it saw a rise in affluence with some of its more famous residents like Duke Ellington, Cab Calloway, and Count Basie. All of whom were greats in the music industry.

    Recently people have come to the area since now there are plenty of bars, coffeehouses, and other restaurants to enjoy. St. Nicholas park is a popular destination with its walking trails, picnic areas, and scenic views.