This predominantly residential neighborhood is around upper Manhattan with many different co-op type apartment buildings making this area much more affordable for many of its residents. Bennett Park is there which is the highest actual point in Manhattan at 265 feet. The craziest part is that it’s only a few feet lower than the highest point, the torch, of the Statue of Liberty. About 30,000 people make their home here since it’s very family friendly with grocery stores, shops, and restaurants along some of the city streets.

   Most of the building were built pre-war which is prior to World War II, but the buildings are beautiful and solid. Cabrini Terrace is the tallest at 16 stories of apartments of various sizes. If you are in the mood for some culture you can stop by The Cloister in Fort Tryon Park which houses the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s famed Medieval Collection. So you can walk through it, picturing the days of knights on steed jousting in battle.

    After word you might want to grab or do some shopping on West 187th Street which is a small shopping district that is popular with the locals.