Many big cities have a section called “little italy”, but none are as famous as this area of New York City. Little Italy here has a selection of italian restaurants that rival even ones in the actual country of Italy. If you want to live here in lower Manhattan, there aren’t that many actual residents of Italian descent, around 1200 people in all. It’s been said that there has been since the 1900’s a large operation of organized crime that takes place there. It only adds to the hush hush appeal of this historical area.

     After 9/11 occurred this is an area of the city that has seen a bit of a decrease in prosperity. Many people who live there are immigrants, or can’t afford some of the more upscale areas like SoHo or other trendier areas. You can find groups of seniors on each street corner reminiscing about the old days if you travel to this area.

     If you are hungry, don’t miss out on stopping by Da Nico Ristorante on Mulberry Street which has an amazingly authentic neapolitan pizza that is sure to please any pizza aficionado. Or try the homemade “Zuppa” or Minestrone soup which is sure to warm you up on a cold winter’s day.