This popular place is on the southeastern tip of Manhattan between Bowery and the East River on one side, and Canal Street and Houston on the other. Originally when it was settled it was mostly immigrants in lower income type jobs, but during the 60’s the area of the hipster arrived moving in many artists, and musician types to add some variety to the area. In 2007 the “Blue Condominium” was built that has a rentals fees that are in stark contrast to the areas surrounding it. To say it sticks out like a sore thumb is an understatement.

    Katz’s Delicatessen, the famous jewish deli eatery that’s been around since 1888 is there where you can stop in for a mile high corned beef sandwich and a frosty cold soda in a can. It’s still run by the same Katz family who has owned the restaurant for over a century. Other than excellent food there you can also see many contemporary art galleries that dot the city streets.

     Orchard, Ludlow, and Essex street are hopping at night where many bars and clubs offer a lively music scene in all different genres. Punk bands that used to play CBGB’s now play Otto’s Shrunken Head and R-Bar. If punk isn’t your think you should check out the alternate rock bands that play the Bowery Room. It’s where all the hip happening folks hang out.