This part of Chelsea has a long and bloodied history since there used to be over 180 slaughterhouse in the area. Those are long gone replaced by high end lofts for people to live in an area that is rife with nightlight activity. It’s only a few blocks long by the Hudson River on one side and 9th Avenue on the other. The 90’s brought up the trend of being there, and even some high end fashion houses make their homes there such as Stella McCartney and Alexander McQueen.

   In the 90’s television show, “Sex In The City” this was one of the spots that Samantha lived in her high end loft apartment. She demonstrated what a “meat market” this place could be at night with many people trolling for the right hookup. Apple even has a store there now between 14th Street and Ninth Avenue.

   If you are hungry, and why wouldn’t you be in a place that’s named after meat then you can stop by Valbella for Italian treats or Space Market for Asian fare. Catch is great for seafood while STK Downtown is the place to go for a thick slab of steak. Meat in the meatpacking district? Sign me up!