The east side of Midtown is much more relaxed, and laid back than the hyper-busy west side of Midtown. Grand Central station is located here where daily it’s estimated that half a million people commute through this great train location. The Grand Central Market is located on the lower terminal of the station which is a can’t miss destination for locals and tourists alike. Gourmet snack options like Eli Zabar’s, Ciao Bella Gelateria, and cheesecake from Junior’s is sure to please even the pickiest of eaters.

     St. Patrick’s cathedral is the largest Catholic one in the United States searing around 2400 fine folks for every holiday, and regular mass that takes place there. The architecture makes it one of Manhattan’s most cherished building which dates back to 1858. The headquarters for the United Nations is also in this area.

    Koreatown is within feet of Herald’s Square for those that love this type of Asian food, massage treatments, and other gourmet delicacies like Kimchi and red bean donuts.

     Trump Tower is another famous building being the largest all glass building in Manhattan with its many gold accents. It’s gaudy in the most opulent way so be sure to stop by some of the upscale boutiques on the main floor.