A lovely neighborhood that borders the Upper West Side and Harlem where many of its residents are able to walk among the many scholars that go to school there. Many higher institutions of learning are there such as Barnard College, Columbia University, and the Manhattan School of Music for those that are musically inclined. The main street that runs through this area is Broadway for the almost 24,000 people that make this place their home.

    The late 1890’s was when the area was christened “Morningside Heights.” They were also among the first apartment buildings in New York City to use the modern convenience of elevators  in their high rise structures. In modern times you might find out that residents use the term “SoHa” to describe this place which means “South of Harlem.” On a pop culture note the exterior shot of the famous diner that was featured on “Seinfeld”, Tom’s Diner is located within this popular area. Many people who visit the city like to go there to take in that famous locale. Big salad anyone? That’s what Elaine was having!

      Today many upscale restaurants are located within the barriers of this area that offer more than your typical New York fare like pizza and bagels. Vegan restaurants are even popping up to cater to this new genre of foodie fare.