Many neighborhoods in the Manhattan area love their abbreviations and this one is no exception. “Noho” means north of Houston Street, as opposed obviously to Soho which is south of Houston Street. Noho is one of the trendiest, most fun spots to live in the city. There are many loft apartment that are stylish and expensive if you can afford to live there. Two fantastic theaters are located there for live performances, The Astor Place Theater and Joseph Papp’s Public Theater which was named for its founder in 1954. It started out as a place to perform Shakespeare’s great works, and now it’s called The Public Theater.

    The locals like such places as Phebe’s for food and drink and B-Bar for a properly mixed martini. Shaken not stirred please. If you like to shop you can visit Atrium for trendy, on season styles for men and women. Patricia Field the famous costumer designer has a store here so if you are in the mood to outfit yourself in everything glitz and glam you can’t miss a stop here. Save Kahai and Billy Reed are fine men’s stores for the gentleman with style in your life.