On the eastside of Manhattan, “Stuy Town” as it’s known to the residents that live on almost 80 acres of 8,000 apartment homes. It stretches from First Avenue to Avenue C with it’s red brick charm that’s been around since its development in 1947. It’s also called Peter Cooper Village named after the 19th century industrialist who founded Cooper Union.

   The famous Beth Israel Medical Center is also there which specializes in being a teaching hospital to its students and resident doctors. The history of this area dates back to post World War II to provide housing for the many immigrants and soldiers that needed a place to live. Veterans were given top priority in making this place their home. Rent back in 1947 was around $50 per month whereas today the rent for a one bedroom is between $2800 to $7000 per month for a larger 4 bedroom unit.  That’s quite an increase from the old days of rent control.

    The community has its own security force and newspaper called the Town and Village founded by Charles G. Hagedorn which is still published every week for the residents that live in this famous neighborhood.