Gorgeous town homes line this relatively small neighborhood that is in the East Side neighborhoods of Manhattan. In 1875 Effingham B Sutton constructed a row of these type of houses so the area is named after him. It has an upscale history since the 1920’s when some of the Vanderbilt’s among other socialites lived there until the Great Depression decimated the area.

   They have had other bits of tragedy when in 2006 a plane struck the Belaire Apartment buildings killing 3 people, and injuring 21 others. People were understandably shaken after the 2001 September 11 attacks but it was proven that it was just pilot error that caused this crash, without terrorist intention.

    Sutton Place is relatively safe with little “mom and pop” stores, and boutiques lining the street between living spaces. It feels very private and away from the busier parts of the city. It used to be the place for many older residents to live, but lately the demographic is decidedly younger with families and small children moving there for the quiet space it offers.