This east side of Manhattan apartment complex is at the edge of Turtle and Kips Bay. It’s claim to fame being is that it’s the first residential skyscraper in the world having it’s own zip code as well. Before this neo-Gothic building was constructed the area was unfortunately known as “goat city” due to the ever presence of homeless people who were squatting in all the run down buildings in the area. Now the 15 building complex is home to around 5000 people. There are garden parks, recreational parks for the children who live there to play in, shops, grocery stores, and salons.

    On a movie notes, quite a few films were made there such as the Godfather III, Spider Man, The Peacemaker, and Scarface starring Al Pacino. The popular television show Law and Order has used the outside of some of the buildings for their street scenes.

    If you are hungry stop by the Tudor Cafe or the Townhouse Diner for classic American food, shakes, and desserts.