Turtle bay is on the east side of Manhattan and is home to the headquarters of the United Nations, and New York City landmark, The Chrysler Building. There are many traditional looking townhouses. If it is in your budget to rent or buy a home in this area, then go for it! People like that it’s safe and homey. Tourist don’t often come to this part of the city so many residents like that it’s off the beaten path a bit. The only problem is that when the UN is in session the street around its headquarters can get a little over crowded with many cars and their drives chaffering the dignitaires.

     If you are in the mood for a great steak dinner you have to stop by Pietro’s on 43 for the full steakhouse experience since it’s been there for a long time with many local people popping in for a bite to eat.

    The nicest place to live in this area is Beekman Place where a number of mansions, and luxury apartments are on a two block stretch. It’s home to many diplomats, and much more.