The Upper West Side of Manhattan is a place that almost has as many people as some larger cities. 210,000 residents call this famous neighborhood home which is located on the south side on 59th Street, borders Central Park to the east, and the Hudson River is on the west. It has a more suburban feel than most of the neighborhoods around the city. The streets are wider with ample sidewalks for city living families. There are many parks, shopping outposts, and restaurants to enjoy with lovely tree lined streets that are appealing to many visitors and residents alike.

   Cultural attractions are also prevalent here with the Museum of Art and Design and the American Museum of Natural History added to the area’s many learning experiences. Lincoln Center is also there which takes up 16 acres alone. If shopping is more your bag baby then you will enjoy the specialty shops all along Broadway and Columbus Avenues.

    There are many brownstone townhouses that line the streets along Central Park which is very popular with residents. Riverside Park is a little less crowded though so many people like to take in the park proper with less people walking through.