When this neighborhood was originally settled a lot of Irish people lived there, but now in modern times it is decidedly more Latin. Immigrants from the Dominican Republic have made this place there home now so you can always find some excellent Dominican eats around each and every corner. 

     Some notable landmarks are the Armory, The High Bridge Water Tower, and The Little Red Lighthouse. You can even catch a show at the United Palace Theater a gorgeous structure that holds rock concerts there now instead of movies like it did in the past.

    If you are a night owl who likes a little cocktail after a long day’s work try Coogan’s for cheap beer with the locals, the Red Room Lounge if you like wine, and No Parking for the quintessential gay bar experience.

     Shopping is fun in this area as well with boutiques that cater to the antique loving crowd. Bookstores like Jumel Terrace Books just might unearth that long out of print book you’ve been dying to buy.