$2,000 is hidden somewhere in Midtown!

If there’s one thing I remember from my childhood, it’s that I used to search my background in hopes of finding something valuable. Maybe I watched too many movies, but I always hoped I would find something.

But guess what? You can actually participate in real life treasure hunt for $2,000 this Saturday (3/11), starting at 11am somewhere in Midtown.

As a unique way to promote the new movie Blood, Sand, and Gold, the producers of the movie have decided to take the film’s entire marketing budget and hide it somewhere in Midtown on Saturday morning.

Beginning at 11am, clues to finding the treasure will be posted every 20 minutes on the movie’s Facebook page. Fans can look at the clues and go to various parts of the city and will be able to interact with different engaging elements such as social postings and trivia questions on the storyline and theme of the movie.

If you’re extra determined to find the $2,000 treasure, you can pre-order the movie online and once you send in your proof of purchase, you will receive the first 3 clues of the hunt in advance at 10:50 am this Saturday.

For those interested in participating in the treasure hunt, make sure to watch the movie which can be pre-ordered on Itunes, or in select theaters throughout the city.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bloodsandgold/

Info: https://www.bloodsandgold.com/treasure-hunt/




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