Why you should move to Do Bro ASAP

A look at New York City’s newest hotspot, Downtown Brooklyn. 

For years, all the spotlight has been on Williamsburg, or Bedford-Stuyvesant as the ‘new and upcoming hotspot’. Although both of those neighborhoods has it’s own unique culture and charm, Downtown Brooklyn too, has its own unique and just as charming presence.

A hub for culture, innovation, and business, Downtown Brooklyn has so much more to offer than your typical Brooklyn neighborhood. With its fair share of restaurants, bars, parks, and shopping, Downtown Brooklyn is nothing short of amazing.

Manhattan is the epitome and essence of New York City. But for some, Manhattan can be a bit too overwhelming. DoBro is the new “spot to be”. While still being able to relish yourself in the big city feel, you can experience a more community feel. The diversity- whether it be the people, culture, or business, is more alive than ever.

2017 is the year for Brooklyn.

Just in the past couple of months, the neighborhood has had tons of new developments.

city point

City Point

An extremely anticipated opening for locals and fellow DoBro-ites, Brooklyn’s newest City Point finally made its debut on Albee Square. Just a couple of months ago, the mall opened its doors to a brand new Century 21 and NYC’s first Alamo Draft house– a dine in cinema similar to the iPic theater located in South Street Seaport.

And just this year, a brand new Target welcomed its neighbors into the store. Additionally, following the opening of Target, a Trader Joe’s is set to open up inside the same building later this year, another bonus for the locals who live in Downtown Brooklyn. We could always use another Trader Joe’s.

Another highly anticipated opening inside the City Point mini mall includes gourmet eateries including Han Dynasty, DeKalb Market Hall, and Fortina. Now you can grab dinner, watch a movie, and do your weekday grocery shopping all in one place!

If that isn’t enough to do, there are tons of other things you can do to keep yourself entertained.

Fulton Street Shopping 

All shopping stores are mainly located on Fulton Street for you to browse through. Some big name stores include Macy’s, Forever 21, TJ Max, Nordstrom Rack, H&M, and many more. If you decide to venture out of your comfort zone a bit, you could find some cool boutique stores in the Boreum Hill area.

Oh, and if you get hungry along the way, no worries. There are new restaurants and eateries popping up all over Downtown Brooklyn every 5 seconds… or so it seems. Some notable restaurants in Do Bro includes Domo Taco, Papaya King, The Wei, Yaso Tangbao, and Forno Rosso Pizzeria.


soup dumplings

My favorite is Yaso Tangbao


Where you can taste NYC’s famous soup dumplings and noodle soups.

Is the opening of a brand new Trader Joe’s AND Target enough to convince you to start packing your bags yet? If not, don’t worry. There’s more to Downtown Brooklyn than just shopping.

DoBro is the heart of Brooklyn. You can’t expect such a neighborhood to not have a great sense of community- a community that is exciting, dynamic, and brings people together. 

Brooklyn Bridge Park 

Brooklyn Bridge Park and Brooklyn Heights are both not a far walk from the main city center of Downtown. If it is too far for you, there will probably be a subway station within walking distance from you.

At Brooklyn Bridge Park, there is too much to take in. The fresh air, the atmosphere and more importantly, the beautiful panoramic views of Manhattan. There’s no doubt that the view will take your breath away.

Although DoBro hasn’t made much of an impression on you the past couple of years, 2017 is the year for DoBro. New shopping, restaurants, cinemas, grocery stores popping up every couple of months, it is hard to resist Do Bro’s irresistible charm and atmosphere.

Dynamic, Fast Moving, Cultural, Vibrant. It’s got everything you could possibly ask for in a city.



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