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How to Sell an Apartment in NYC Fast!


How to Sell an Apartment in NYC

Here are 6 tips to get your listing sold FAST!


New York City – the center of the universe. Everyone wants to experience and live in this beautiful city. Do you own a piece on NYC real estate? Are you ready to sell and cash out now?

What does it take to sell your home in the most exciting real estate market in the world?

  1. Take A Look at Your Building

    Before you put your unit on the market, take a look at your building. Buyers see the whole package when they are considering in putting an offer. Go outside and take a good look at your building. Note down what you see – is their any specific design? How do the windows look? Is it all brick? Write down all details, I will discuss soon what to do with them.


  2. Check the Lobby

    Walk into your building and check out the lobby/main area. Keep an eye out for any defects such as ripped carpets, broken tile, is there a smell? Is a picture frame tilted? Is the mailroom a mess, etc? Of course you can not control everything, but you can call management to make sure these defects get fixed! Trust me, the buyer is keeping notes.


  3. Check the Hallways

    Make sure your hallway is perfect! Does it need paint? Does it smell like cigarettes? Are the flowers fresh on the table? Does it need dusting? Now walk to your door and see if it is clean or if it needs a new coat of paint. These are major things that can make or break a buyer when they go see your unit.


  4. Feel the Energy!

    Sounds weird right? But give it a shot. Walk into your home and sense the energy when you first walk in. Does it feel dark? Does it feel happy? Does it feel homey? One thing most people forget about selling their homes is that people buy on emotion. They buy based on what they feel, not what makes sense. So how does it feel when you walk into your unit? And be honest. One of the main secrets to creating an amazing energy at home is this… Color!


  5. Clutter Clutter Clutter!!!!

    Please take out the clutter from your home. If you have tons of clutter all over the place – this is great way to make a buyer run away (hopefully not literally!). Potential buyers want to see themselves in your unit. If there is too much chaos everywhere it will only make buyers anxious to leave quickly. Here is a great article on how to declutter your home http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/how-to-declutter-your-home-129659


  6. Stage your empty house

    You can get more money for your home by simply staging it. Why? Again people buy on emotion, and if the home looks and feels great then they will more than likely put an offer. Make it easier for the buyer to envision themselves in your home. Check out this video



Here’s The Next Step… Bonus

Are you ready to use at least one of the 6 tips from this post? “How to sell an apartment in NYC

I have an additional 4 bonus tips – plus free checklist! 

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